What Benefits Does AARP Offer?

AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons, is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of services and benefits to its members aged 50 and over in the United States and Puerto Rico. With over 38 million members, it is one of the largest membership organizations in the world and offers a wide range of services including health insurance, financial advice, discounts on travel, shopping, entertainment, educational resources, social engagement opportunities and advocacy efforts for seniors across America. In this article we will explore all the benefits that AARP has to offer its members so you can decide if joining is right for you!

What is AARP?

AARP was founded in 1958 by Dr Ethel Percy Andrus as an advocacy organization dedicated to helping Americans aged 50 and older live their best lives through education and advocacy efforts such as lobbying for legislation that affects seniors’ rights and interests. Today it remains committed to providing its members with quality services designed to make life easier for seniors in all areas of life from health care to finances to leisure activities like travel or entertainment discounts.

AARP Membership Benefits

When you become an AARP member you get access to exclusive discounts on products and services ranging from hotels to car rentals to restaurants plus access to special events like concerts or theater shows at discounted rates; free subscription to AARP Magazine; access to online tools such as tax preparation software; free legal advice hotline; discounts on prescription drugs; access to special savings accounts with banks; free identity theft protection service; free roadside assistance program; free online fitness classes; access to special travel deals.

Health Insurance and Medicare Benefits

AARP also offers a variety of health insurance plans through UnitedHealthcare which can help you save money on medical expenses. These plans include Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Dental Insurance Plans and Vision Insurance Plans so you can find the right coverage for your needs at an affordable price. Additionally, AARP provides helpful information about Medicare enrollment periods, eligibility requirements and costs so you can make informed decisions about your health care coverage.

Financial Benefits

AARP also offers financial advice through their website as well as exclusive discounts on banking services such as credit cards, checking accounts and retirement planning options from trusted financial institutions like Bank of America and Chase Bank. They also provide helpful information about Social Security benefits so you can maximize your retirement income.

Discounts on Travel, Shopping, and Entertainment

AARP members get exclusive discounts on travel with major airlines like American Airlines and Delta Airlines as well as hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton Hotels. You can also get discounts on car rentals from companies like Hertz or Budget Rent-a-Car plus discounts on cruises with Royal Caribbean International or Carnival Cruise Lines. Shopping discounts are available at major retailers like Walmart and Target plus online stores like Amazon while entertainment discounts are available at movie theaters across the country.

Educational Resources

AARP provides educational resources such as online classes covering topics ranging from computer basics to personal finance management plus free webinars discussing important senior issues like Social Security benefits or Medicare enrollment periods. They also offer free e-books covering topics such as healthy living or retirement planning which are available for download on their website.

Social Engagement Opportunities

AARP also provides social engagement opportunities for its members through events such as volunteer days where you can give back to your community or local meetups where you can connect with other seniors in your area who share similar interests or hobbies. Additionally, they offer online discussion forums where members can stay connected even if they don’t live near each other by sharing stories or asking questions about senior issues that affect them all.

Advocacy Efforts

AARP is a powerful advocate for seniors’ rights in Washington DC working hard to ensure that laws are passed that protect seniors’ interests when it comes to Social Security benefits or healthcare reform among other issues important to seniors across America. They have been successful in lobbying for legislation that has helped millions of seniors maintain their quality of life in retirement including the passage of the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit in 2006 which has saved seniors hundreds of dollars per year on prescription medications since then.


In conclusion, AARP provides a wide range of services designed specifically for seniors aged 50 and over including health insurance plans, financial advice, travel discounts, shopping deals, educational resources and social engagement opportunities plus powerful advocacy efforts in Washington DC aimed at protecting seniors’ rights across America. Whether you are already retired or nearing retirement age AARP has something for everyone so consider joining today!