Healthnet Medicare Login

Are you still unsure of how to log into Healthnet Medicare? Then, you’ll find a detailed guide on Healthnet Medicare login in this article!

Visit the Website

First of all, you need to visit the official website of Healthnet Medicare. We have provided the direct link below-

If you want to log in as a member, go on the header ribbon and click on “member.” You’ll see a drop-down menu consisting “login” option in it. Click on “login.”


After clicking on “log in,” you’ll be redirected to a login page having a pink background. Next, navigate “Member login” available under the “Medi-Cal” subheading. 

Then, enter your username and password and proceed to the final “login” step. After all these steps, you will have access to your personal Healthnet Medicare.

If you do not have an account, you need to create a new account. To create an account, you will have to complete all the requirements mentioned in this section and verify them.

Here is the video guide for you:



What other wellness facilities does HealthNet offer?

In 2020, Healthnet gave $30,000 to support domestic violence survivors. In addition, Health Net has initiated a step with Donate4Sacramento to help the people of Sacramento with the help they need during this Covid situation.

HealthNet is a leading provider of prescription drugs and managed health care products. It caters to patients battling addiction and seeking a healthier lifestyle. These programs help the target population to remain free from any type of substance abuse or addiction. In addition, the services are designed to help them recognize the underlying causes behind their drug use and guide them towards a healthier life.

How Can I Find My Member ID Number?

Your Member ID Number (or Subscriber ID number) is available on the card of your Health Net insurance card. When you are registering, please enter the complete alphanumeric ID number correctly. However, you can also proceed with the registration process if you do not have your ID number.

How can I Change My Address?

1.     Log in to your Healthnet member account by entering your username and password.

2.     Go to the “Profile” option located at the top of the screen.

3.     Then you can change your contact information with just a few clicks.

About Healthnet Medicare

Health Net believes everyone should have access to safety regardless of their age. And to ensure that no one is left without any protection and to initiate rapid change, we are the first company in Canada to establish realistic and achievable compensation for medical procedures.

Healthnet was founded more than 40 years ago to provide essential health care to the underserved. Today, Health Net serves more than 3 million members. Its mission is to make primary medical care accessible and affordable for everyone. With their medical mission, they have long advocated for health equality and access to quality healthcare. Today, Healthnet has expanded its services into marketplaces such as online ordering, electronic medical records, and digital patient portals.

Health Net help people overcome poverty and violence. We provide the correct information, empower the right communities, and empower the right people to transform their communities. They work with them to make sure that everyone has access to a range of health services and can keep up their routines to stay healthy.