Pecos Medicare Login

If you’re looking for PECOS Medicare login information, there are a few things you must consider:

Step-1: Go to the PECOS website

Visit PECOS at-

After visiting the website, here you will find login box at the mid of the website page.

Step-2: Enter your details

To access your PECOS account, enter your email and password in the login section. Then press “Login” button.

When doctors or individual with an approved role need to log into PECOS, they use the same user ID and password that was established at the time of application for NPPES when a provider applied for licensure from their state, National Provider Identifier (NPI).

Step-3: Login to PECOS account

After entering all your credentials, login to the system. If you don’t know your credentials, click on the ‘forgot your password’ link at the bottom of the page.

Here’s the video to guide you:


PECOS is a Medicare Supplier Enrollment System established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to support enrollment of suppliers in the Medicare program. It is well known for its simple interface, easy setup, and intuitive design that makes it easy for suppliers to complete their registration process.

PECOS is not just about supporting supplier enrollment process but also making sure that companies have access to the right supplier information. It has been helping suppliers in finding appropriate partners and reducing administrative costs.

The way they did this was by providing an interface on their website that allowed users to register themselves as registered providers with Medicare. This interface also made it easier for them because they don’t have to involve in the tedious tasks of printing paper documents anymore.


How to setup User ID and Password for new account?

All the new accounts user needs to get started on the Identity & Access (I&A) website in order to obtain their personal account at Once they have that setup and are verified, they can do a number of things on their account like:

1. Once you have a personal account, you can choose to create a personal NPI on the NPPES website to become a provider. This site is for businesses only and allows multiple providers to be set up, as well as wiring people in your company or organization. Here is the link to NPPES:

You can also use another way-

2. Another way to manage the task of giving access to a user who needs it is through I&A. All you need to do is request access to take action on behalf of an Individual Provider or Organizational Provider as the Access Manager or Authorized Official (AO or AM)

The user can access the PECOS website after it’s been approved by External User Services (EUS)

It’s important to understand how PECOS works with your employer. With the implementation of PECOS enrollments, employers are given access to all registrations. Organizations can view the register program to see whether other organizations need employees or applicants.

Why should I use PECOS ?

PECOS can allow all the Medicare information to be shared via convenient online submission methods, all improving efficiency. It is an initiative that was created to support the Medicare Provider and Supplier enrollment process. PECOS has support for both providers and suppliers, as well as for beneficiaries.