Tufts Medicare Login

This article aims to share with you how to log in or sign up on Tufts medicare website online. So keep reading to know your way into the Tufts Medicare website.

Visit the page

You can visit the website page through https://tuftshealthplan.com/login

Login to the website:

On the home page, you have the login option

You can log in as a:





Click on to log in on the top right side of the page

Under Member, select your desired plan type

Under broker, select either brokerlink portal or medicare broker portal

Employer login takes you to the next page where you have to enter login id and password

Provider login takes you to the next page, where you have to enter login id and password

Once you have chosen your desired option, click on it.

Enter the requisites

Enter the username and password in the login option. There only you get the option to register yourself too.

Here is the step-by-step video guide of how to login into your Tufts Medicare account-

Tufts Medicare:

Tufts Health Plan, a non-profit organization created in 1979, is known across the country for its commitment to offering creative, high-quality healthcare benefits. The plan provides various health management services to members and employers that promote proof methods to health and wellbeing.

Their focus is to enhance the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve.

The provision of high, affordable health care improves everyone’s life.

Tufts Health Plan is among the few Massachusetts health plans that participate in the commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid/subsidized marketplaces, providing coverage to people of all ages and circumstances.

Tufts Health Plan, based in Massachusetts, also covers customers in Rhode Island and Connecticut.


Who is eligible to use mytuftshealthplan.com?

Tufts Health Plan subscribers (the individual insured, either directly or via their employer) with a commercial, Tufts Health Direct, Tufts Health Together, Tufts Health together, or Tufts Health Unify plan.

Dependents of Tufts Health Plan commercial plan users who are 18 or older.

Mytuftshealthplan.com is not available to members of the following plans: Tufts Health Plan Senior Care Options (SCO) or Tufts Medicare Preferred plans.

Please visit tuftsmedicarepreferred.org for member services when you’re a Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred member.

What are the advantages of the Tufts mobile app?

There are many such as:

Find everything quickly.

Examine your insurance, claims, and referrals.

View your plan’s restrictions, including your out-of-pocket expenses.

Locate a physician.

It would be best if you change your PCP.

Calculate your out-of-pocket medical expenses.

NEW! Get immediate access to Telehealth services.

You can find resources for Health & Wellness here.

Forms can be seen and downloaded.

Examine your identification card.

What is a treatment cost estimator?

So, before you schedule a meeting, use the treatment cost calculator tool to calculate the actual out-of-pocket costs at various providers. Then you may choose high-quality care that fits your budget and saves you money.

You can also opt the treatment cost estimator to:

By name or specialization, find a doctor or hospital.

Learn how your medical benefits affect your estimated out-of-pocket expenses.

Set a plan for the service you require using the information provided.

Examine treatment timetables through follow-up and talk to your doctor about the best option.