WPS Medicare Login

This article aims to share with you how to log to WPS medicare online. So keep reading to know your way into the WPS Medicare website.

Visit the website

You can visit the website page at https://www.wpshealth.com.

Login to the website:

On the home page, you have the login option.

On the top right side of the page is the login option. Click on login

You can scroll down to get the sign-up option.

There are four login options:





Under each section, you get several options. Select the one that suits you.

Enter the requisites

Enter the username and password in the login option.

Step By Step Video Guide

WPS Medicare

WPS Health Insurance is a Madison, Wisconsin-based health insurance firm. As one of the state’s leading health benefits providers, WPS is still non-profit and provides health coverage to both the government and industry. We are firmly devoted to Wisconsin and its inhabitants, with offices in Green Bay, Eau Claire, Madison, Wausau, and Milwaukee and over 4,000 workers.

WPS Health Insurance is among the brands under the WPS Health Solutions umbrella, which provides insurance products and claims handling and benefits administration for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the United States Department of Defense, and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. For more information about their parent firm, go to the WPS Health Solutions About page.

People’s top concerns include access to affordable health care. But, again, WPS is on the cutting edge, providing individuals, small groups, large groups, and seniors with flexible, value health plan options.

Individuals and companies can choose from a variety of Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) health plans, including high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) that you can use with health savings accounts (HSAs). In addition, those eligible for Medicare can also take advantage of WPS’s Medicare supplement and Medicare prescription drug plans.

WPS has agreements with healthcare professionals around the nation to provide extensive partners that include doctors, experts, pharmacies, and hospitals which their clients are familiar with and trust. We also have national networks for out-of-state health care.


Is it necessary for me to set up an account?

You will have to register your unique customer account to enroll online. You’ll be able to save it and revert to your enrolment this way.

I already have a PDP account. How do I get access to the details of my plan?

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your WPS plan online if you’re already a customer! Online pharmacy services are available to you. However, to take benefit of the following features, you must first register:

Prescriptions can be refilled and renewed online.

Examine your prescription history for up to 18 months.

Look for less expensive alternatives to your existing drugs.

Plus a lot more!

When will I be able to enroll?

You can sign up beyond the Annual Enrollment Period at the following times:

When you turn 65, you can join up three months before, three months during, and three months after your birthday.

Your employer or union terminates or cancels creditable prescription medication coverage.

A disability qualifies you for Medicare.

You are eligible for Medicaid coverage in its entirety.

You are given additional assistance.