Aetna Medicare Provider Login

Are you a provider trying to log in your way into the Aetna website? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Follow the guide below for the step-by-step login process.

Here are the steps to guide you through the process of Aetna Medicare Provider Login:

Go to the login portal

first; you need to visit the login portal of for provider login. The direct link is provided below:

Provider login enables medical and dental providers to log in easily and securely to their online accounts.

Click on the provider category.

Next, click on the provider category you want to login as. (If you want to login as a “medical provider,” the page will direct you to log in to “Availity”).

Enter Details

Now enter your details such as username and password. Once you are done, click on “Log in” given at the bottom of the login box. You will be able to access your account then!

Here is the video guide to explain the login process:


How can you find a participating provider?

The online directory of Aetna will help you find general doctors and specialists, hospital and emergency care centers, mental health care, pharmacies, drug abuse treatment, dialysis centers, therapists, eye care providers, equipment suppliers (medical), and much more things. 

You can use Aetna’s online directory via a secure member account to simply access your account. After logging in, you’ll be recognized by your plan type, and the system will easily find you, providers, nearby your location who will accept your location.

Suppose you are going for a provider in the public directory. In that case, it is suggested to contact the provider’s office prior to confirming an appointment so that you can confirm if they accept your plan. For this, you can use Aetna public online provider directory. 

When can I change my PCP (Primary Care Provider)?

Not all plans require you to choose a PCP (Primary Care Provider), but if there is one with your plan, you can change it any time you want!


What if your doctor does not accept Aetna insurance?

You can ask your doctor to contact us through a toll-free number on your medical id card. Our service professional will assist you in connecting with the network management office and your physician.