Aetna Medicare Silverscript Login

Follow this guide to login to Aetna Medicare Silverscript with ease and Get all the benefits of Medicare and more like no other health plan.

Aetna takes care of customers and makes their lives easier through its services. If you are here finding your way into the Aetna account, follow the steps below to get in with ease: 

Silverscript Medicare Login

Visit the Aetna Medicare website for Silverscript Login at- Click on the “log in” tab at the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see three types of login portals after clicking on “Login.”

1-Medicare Advantage (MAPD)

This is for members registered with PPO, Aetna/Silverscript Medicare HMO, or HMO-POS plans to log in to this section.

2- Prescription drug plans (PDPs)

Clicking login on this section will direct you to SilverScript members with a PDP account can view & manage prescriptions on their secure, private account. They can verify information about their EOBs, too!

3- Medicare Supplement Insurance

Here, you can register as a member of A-N plans by clicking here and logging in or by filling out the Register form.

Here is a guide on how to login to all these sections:

Visit the Aetna website

First, visit the Aetna website at Then, click on the purple “login” button at the top right corner of your screen.

Click On category

After clicking on the login button, you will be opened up to 3 login portals explained above in the intro:

1.     Login for MA/MAPD

2.     Login for PDP

3.     Login for Medicare Supplement

Logging in to these websites is not a brainer, Just like any other login. Regardless of the portal you choose, you will be directed to a page to fill in the email and password. Then, enter the details associated with your account.


Enter all your credentials, then click on login/sign in. You will be directed to the website’s homepage with your account.

Here is the video guide:

What does the medicare prescription plan not cover?

These prescription drug plans do not cover some of the following:

Drugs that are already covered under Part A or Part B

Any drugs not listed on a plan’s drug formulary (except in an emergency) are not covered in the Medicare prescription plan.

Prescription vitamins or Nonprescription drugs or (not prenatal vitamins). Like: weight gain, weight loss, hair growth, erectile dysfunction drugs, etc.

About Aetna Medicare Silverscript

SilverScript has been adopted as a central, integrated platform for handling every task within the Aetna Medicare enterprise. However, it might be confusing for you to understand if you were unaware that Silverscript is now a part of Aetna Medicare! So basically, this article is all about how to log in to Aetna Medicare Silverscript.

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