Connex Medicare Login

For those who are enrolled in the NGS Connex Medicare program, logging in to your account is easy.

This article will provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through the login process. You will learn how to access your account on a desktop computer or mobile device.

With just a few clicks, you can monitor your claims, check coverage levels, and look for any additional benefits you may be eligible for.

Read on for more information about how to log in to your NGS Connex Medicare account.

Follow the process to make your way to Connex Medicare Login:

Go to their portal

To sign in, you’ll probably need to visit the NGS medicare website first before heading over to this link. Then, you can sign in to this website and create your account from here.

Here is a link to their login portal:

Look for the “Log in” option.

A tab on the site labeled Log In. You can access your account from there!

Please enter your credentials to access your account

After filling out your information, hit the “sign-in” button in the bottom left corner. You’re then automatically signed into your account on our website.


What is NGs connex?

NGSConnex is a secure self-service portal provided by National Government Services (NGS) to help customers quickly and easily access their accounts.

Through the NGS Connex portal, customers are able to quickly and easily check their eligibility and benefits, make payments, and manage their plans in one convenient place.

NGS Connex is free to use, and provides an easy and secure way to access your Medicare and Part D prescription drug plans.

Is NGS Medicare?

NGS (National Government Services) is not Medicare but a Medicare contractor. NGS has been serving as a Medicare contractor since 1966, providing Medicare Part A and Part B services to its beneficiaries.

NGS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anthem, Inc. and administers Medicare services to beneficiaries in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin. NGS also provides cost report services for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.