CVS Medicare Login

Are you looking your way into CVS medicare? Then, we’ve got you covered! Follow the guide below to login into CVS medicare.

Visit The Website

A user can log into the website with their existing CVS Pharmacy account by searching for the official website.

Fill Details

You can use your existing credential if you already have a account. Then sign in with your email address and password that’s stored in your record on CVS.


After filling out all the information, click on “Login,” and your account information will be available.

Note: You can also sign up for Prescription Management. Prescription Management is a new service from CVS Pharmacy that helps track your medications and take advantage of the new features. The new online CVS medicare features will save you time and money by allowing you to access medication refills, ordering refills, and more without leaving your home.

Prescription Management is an excellent new service that comes with the benefits of personalized care. By using this website, you can be sure your information is safe.

Here is the video guide:


How to create account?

CVS has created an account page that allows customers to create an account on their digital website without going through any lengthy steps of filling out a form. CVS’s homepage contains a lot of relevant information to their customers – products, services, and benefits. The company wants to make sure that the users know what they have to offer before signing up for an account.

1.     Go to theofficial website ofCVS  (, and navigate to the Create an Account page.

2.     Please enter your email address (which will be your User ID) and a password to create your User ID.

3.     You need to give some additional information to help you protect your account and avoid unauthorized access. You’ll be prompted to sign up for a CVS offer-filled email subscription when you set up your account. It will allow you to get your best deals & coupons the moment they become available.

How to find your CVS member ID?

You can find your Prescription Benefit ID number on your CVS Caremark insurance card. Your Prescription Benefit ID number is a unique, personal identifier for all your CVS Caremark prescriptions. This identifier is needed to refill prescriptions, order refills, and change your pharmacy.

Your Social Security Number is a unique numeric or alphanumeric ID assigned by your Social Security number or plan sponsor. For example, when you sign up for Medicare, you will get a number that you can use to identify you with the program.

What are the types of insurance plans that CVS Pharmacy accepts?

CVS is a well-known pharmacy chain in the United States. CVS accepts many types of insurance plans, including:

1.     Blue Shield Insurance,

2.     Aetna

3.     Cigna, and more.

However, the details of CVS’s policies are different from one store to another. Insurance companies provide services ranging from basic health insurance to life insurance to policies for travel, auto, and more. These services come with various rules and limitations, so it is wise to ensure that you know what your policy covers. If you wonder what specific medical or dental treatments your insurance covers, you can check it by using a simple online tool.