Kantime Medicare Login

This article aims to share how to log in  to Kantime medicare online. So keep reading to know your way into the Kantime Medicare website.

Visit the page

You can visit the website page at https://kantime.com

Login to the website:

On the home page, you have the login option.

On the top right side of the page is the login option. Click on login

You can scroll down to get the sign-up option.

There are three login options:

Kantime Enterprise platform

Kantime Hospice platform

Kantime Private duty platform

Enter the details

Enter the username and password in the login option.

Here is the step-by-step video guide of how to login into your Kantime Medicare account-

Kantime Medicare:

Sundar Kannan, the company’s CEO, recognized a significant gap in the home care business in the early 2000s. He found it difficult to stand by as his company partner’s unwell mother grumbled about carers who were never on time or didn’t have the proper skillset to satisfy her needs. So he considered how he could use his current technology, now dubbed KanTime Telephony, to assist with scheduling and streamlining the agency procedure. By 2010, KanTime had evolved into a filled home healthcare product. Organizations no longer had to choose between efficiency and quality care using KanTime. KanTime’s user-friendly, web-based technology helps agencies streamline operations by enabling compliance and development while putting patient care at the forefront. Their objective is to develop an adaptable, expandable, and efficient organization program that enables businesses to reach their maximum potential while providing high-quality care to patients. In addition, KanTime provides approval validation at check-in and well before publishing bills, ensuring coverage reimbursements for you and your workers.

And there is nothing more frustrating than being the go-between for a disgruntled client and the insurance agency. But, on the other hand, their simplified verification process saves costs while maintaining complete transparency.

With preemptive healthcare qualification validation tools, you can plan better. Their qualification dashboard and group filing tools help patients get the most actual estimated costs while reducing the possibility of claims being denied.


Why opt for Kantime?

The dynamic features of our technology guarantee that excellence and compliance begin right away. With specific features that allow field workers to record their treatments at the patient’s house, essential patient information is gathered every time, ensuring that records are always correct and up-to-date.

KanTime’s intelligence kicks in when data becomes segregated or human error happens. Its role-based dashboards let employees know about their actions, emails, and more in real-time. Thanks to the system’s actionable alerts, your staff is empowered to make responsible decisions and complete the task at hand.


Identify claim issues quickly before work begins. Our healthcare eligibility verification check solutions automate laborious processes, enhance workflows, and ensure that your agency is compensated for the work it does.

Agencies can use KanTime to automate the time-consuming process of medical qualification verification. Before appointments, bulk patient insurance eligibility while obtaining insight into the whole eligibility procedure — all from a single, web-based solution.

What is an eligibility dashboard?

An interactive client eligibility dashboard helps answer concerns about eligibility history and criteria while reacting to Medicaid and Medicare guidelines changes.

The qualification files reported as varied widely, deleted, regained, or not verified/checked are displayed on the dashboard.

NOEs are filed on time, and consumers are notified of any pending eligibility, thanks to simple widgets.