Optum Medicare Login

Are you trying to login in to access your Optum benefits, such as managing prescription medications or health savings accounts (HSAs)? Here you will find a step-by-step guide to logging in to the Optum Medicare Login Portal.

Read below to login to the best medicare service you can ever have:

Visit the official website

Visit the official website of Optum Medicare at the following link-


On the website’s home screen, you can see different healthcare options like OptumRx, Optum Financial, specialty pharmacy, Live and work well, Optum care. Choose the one you want to sign in to!

Fill the Details

After clicking on a healthcare option you want to get facilitated from, you will be directed to a page asking for your login credential. Enter your username and password.

Sign in

After entering your username and password, click on “sign-in” given somewhere on the screen. You’ll be opened up to a portal you wish to get help from.

Note- Remember, you cannot log in to a website if there is no existing account. A typical security measure requires that the user provide their name, email address, and other details of the client for authentication purposes. It is usually done on the front end of a website. Click on “sign up” or “register” or “create account” to build an account.

Here is the video guide of the login procedure to follow on-


When to join an Optum Care Medicare Advantage plan?

You’ll be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan automatically during an enrollment period, which gives you a better quality of care. If your health plan has a contract with the Optum Care network, it is much easier to change to Optum Care Primary Care provider at any time.

What to do in case your health plan does not have an Optum Care contract?

Open enrollment is the only opportunity you have available to change or join the Medicare Advantage plan. Open enrollment is relatively short, around 2 weeks. If you do decide to change your schedule between now and then, you should make sure that you’re storing the enrollment info in a database with redundancy built-in.

But, you can join or change the Medicare Advantage plan if you get to qualify for a particular election period (SEP). Hence, people qualified for a SEP can switch their medicare health plan at any time of year. So, do check if you are eligible for SEP or not with your health plan.

About This Healthcare System

Optum Medicare is leading wellness, energy, and innovation in medicine. Optum helps US people and the government automatize a unique synergy of health care and technology by building technologies that adapt to new healthcare reform needs. Even if you are at home, Optum providers listen and care for you.

Optum utilizes Health data that can be used to improve care and outcomes. It is providing a new way of clinical research and health information. Through this, doctors, researchers, and patients can get detailed insights on the condition of a patient and the treatment options available. In addition, it is an opportunity to get real-time feedback on their condition right in the palm of their hands which helps them deal with it better promptly.