BCBS Medicare Provider Login

Here is how to proceed with Bcbs Medicare Provider Login:

Visit The Website

For provider login, visit BCBS Medicare website at- 


The provider option appears above the header of their website. Click on “provider .”

Go to login

BCBS has a network of providers that offer insurance for individuals and companies based on the size of their risk. If you are already a BCBS provider, please follow the grey login button given in the header to log in and complete your profile.

Clicking on that will prompt a box to select whom you want to log in as Member, Employer, Provider, or Agent. Click on “provider.”

Enter Details

Now enter your provider detail such as username and password. Then click on login given at the bottom of the box.

Here is the video guide for you:


What are provider enrollment and change self-service?

BCBS of Michigan’s Agent Self-Service online application is perfect for those who need information on enrolling and changing plans.

BCBSM and Blue Care Network providers have made it easy for practice group administrators to process their requests for updating group information and enrolling new practitioners. Simply submit by creating an enrollment management request with BCBSM or Blue Care Network.

How valuable is self-service?

The self-service application will improve how group administrators can handle enrollment & changes. Benefits such as personalization, shortened response times, and fewer errors make this tool valuable for logistic operations. It has the following different benefits:

1.     Self-service partnering has been streamlined and updated to be more effective; it is now more electronic than ever.

2.     Faster processing times, a better customer experience, increased satisfaction.

3.     The secure application lets you control who accesses your data and saves it. Moreover, maintaining an audit trail for every transaction is beneficial to your practice group. It gives you peace of mind knowing that no one could steal personal or financial information.

4.     With this application, you’re in charge of all your data & the program allows for easy access to everything. This makes it easy for you to see where things are and how the enrollment process is going. If there’s a question or if problems arise, it’s simple enough to connect with your provider and have a resolution before too long.

5.     It costs less for companies to send an email than to print, scan, and fax a form. Which is also friendly for the environment.

A short brief on BCBS

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is a nonprofit, private health insurance company located in Michigan. They provide health insurance to approximately 5 million Blue Cross or Blue Priority Plus plans. In addition, the company is collaborating with doctors and hospitals across the state to increase access to care for patients by offering an innovative program called Value Partnerships.

Healthcare professionals partner with Value Partnership to improve patient outcomes. The one-hour workshops ensure the success of a venture through a unique, collaborative model. Experts share their expertise, and patients can benefit from the best practices that arise from this partnership.

Value Partnerships is an innovative healthcare system with a long-term goal of improving the quality of care while simultaneously lowering costs. The following guiding principles are what help them achieve this goal:

·      Providers will be able to offer patients more high-quality, affordable care due to partnerships with healthcare companies such as this one.

·      Customizing and collaborating on programs rather than using one-size-fits-all can be very helpful for organizations that have to rely heavily on time, money, and effort.

·      Value Partnerships offer a portfolio of programs that drive results together.

·      The focus today is on changes in healthcare technology that have not yet reached their full potential. This can be attributed to a lack of investments in transforming care processes.

·      Recognize and reward the performance of organizations and individual providers.

·      Re-vamping incentives to create ‘meaningful’ goals for all organizations partners and participants.

·      Support for collaboration among participants.