BlueShield Medicare Login

This article aims to share how to log in to Blue Shield Medicare online. So keep reading to know your way into Blue Shield Medicare website.

Blue Shield Medicare Login is a handy feature for the Blue Shield Medicare plan users.

Modern health insurance companies try to prevent unnecessary patient visits by making it as simple as possible to sign in to their healthcare account.

Blue Shield Medicare Login

Visit the page

You can visit the website page through

Login to the website:

On the home page, you can see four tabs:


Learn about Medicare

Explore Medicare plans

Member resources

On the top right side of these four tabs is the login option. You can also click on the Enroll button on the top right, or you can also click on Member Resources to access the login option.

Enter the requisites

Enter the username and password in the login option. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by clicking on the Create New Account option.

Here is the step-by-step video guide of how to login into your Blue Shield Medicare account-


Why should Blue Shield cover Medicare?

Blue Shield has three essential objectives as a nonprofit: to be mission-driven, continuously operate as an excellent corporate citizen, and distribute their services offered and thoughtfully.

For the sake of your wellbeing

Members from many walks of life are covered by their plans. Their programs and services are aimed at assisting you in discovering your healthier self.

Coverage of high quality

Blue Shield was the prime health plan in the country to cover life-saving procedures such as heart transplantation and the first to provide catastrophic coverage. We have one of California’s top doctor associations.

Directly access your health care plan from your computer or mobile device at any time, anywhere. The Blue Shield of California smartphone app is worth a shot.

What exactly is catastrophic insurance?

Catastrophic coverage is a type of insurance designed to help those with exceptionally high prescription prices. You only have to pay a small coinsurance (or copayment) amount for the rest of the year if you or other eligible parties on your part have spent over $7,050 for your approved medications in 2022.

Your coinsurance in 2022 will be either of the following, whichever is higher:

Generic medications (including brand-name drugs classed as generics) cost $3.95, whereas all other drugs cost $9.85.

Or coinsurance rate of 5%.

How can you determine if the Blue Shield Medicare formulary medicine requires prior permission or step therapy?

Choose a Medicare plan from the Formulary page. This will bring you to the search engine for plan formularies.

Prior authorization and step therapy requirements can be seen in two ways:

First, input the drug name you’re looking for in the “Drug Name Search” area of the formulary tool, then look for Prior Authorization (PA) or Step Therapy (ST) symbols in the “Limits & Restrictions” column.

Go to the “Prior Authorization Criteria” or “Step Therapy Criteria” pages to obtain the PDF. To examine the drug coverage criteria for that drug, search for the criteria by the generic or brand name of the drug.

Blue Shield Medicare

Blue Shield of California Medicare Advantage plans involves all the advantages of Medicare Parts A and B, prescription drug coverage, and other extra merits. In addition, for a low or no copay, Blue Shield of California qualified plans to have 24/7 access to Teladoc’s U.S. board-certified doctors.

You can either request an on-demand visit (within 60 minutes or less) or make an appointment ahead of time that works for you. Whether you have a pre-existing ailment or a new health concern, we offer a care choice for you. Members of the Blue Shield of California Medicare plan can learn more about the wellness programs and insurance benefits. Advantages differ by region and policy, so please verify your insurance by calling the number on your member ID card.